Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Buttercream Recipe

Hi guys I thought I would share with you my Buttercream recipe which makes about enough to pipe 12 cupcakes depending on how much icing you use on each cupcake.

130g Butter
300g Icing Sugar (or powdered sugar, any brand will do).
1-3 tsp of any flavoring (I like to use fresh lemon juice)

Step 1: Cream the butter for about 5 minuets (until it is light in colour, smooth and creamy).
Step 2: Add the icing sugar 3 spoons at a time until it is all gone. You can add the flavouring whilst mixing the icing sugar. 

If you like you can add colour when mixing it. I like to use gel colour but you can use liquid. 

I hope you like this recipe, you could try adding fresh orange juice, I haven't tried that yet! xx 

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